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Hear live from 28 experts who will share their secrets for living a successful life in transition!

Join us for this inspiring, life-changing virtual event over the next three months where expats, military and thought leaders from across the globe share their stories, triumphs, challenges and invaluable strategies for creating an amazing global life.

Dr. Paulette M. Bethel brings together 28 world class authors, entrepreneurs, mentors, visionaries, and global life experts from around the globe share their insights and offer solutions for the Lost in Transition Telesummit – the first ever FREE live virtual event of this kind!

… The Lost in Transition Global Telesummit includes visionaries such as bestselling author of Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds, Ruth Van Reken, Academy Award Shortlisted Director, Rahul Gandotra, renowned Etiquette Maven and International Protocol Consultant, Cynthia Lett, Tina Quick, Jo Parfitt, Julia Simens, Joseph Tomeo, Donna Musil, Byron Rodgers, Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius, Gary Loper, Dr. Katrina Burris,  and many more …

Live Global Telesummit Event Opens October 22, 2013

Dr. Paulette Bethel, CMC

Paulette Bethel, PhD, CMC,  Host

International Speaker, retired USAF Supply & Logistics Officer, Breakthrough and Certified Executive Coach , Transition Expert and mother of four adult Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Co-host, Celebrity TV Host, Speaker, Media Coach and World Traveler, Havilah Malone

Havilah Malone, TESOL


  • Methods to create strategies for coping with the challenges of crossing cultures
  • Tools to feel more confident and balanced in your own skin
  • Techniques to manage stress related to frequent moving
  • Strategies for sharing your brilliance and your gifts with more people and living a life inspired life of purpose and contribution
  • Learn entrepreneurial ideas to create a life a that takes advantage of your knowledge, skills experience and opportunities
  • How to support your children at any stage in the transition process to reach their greatest potential socially and academically using “Scaffolding” strategies
  • Social Media tips to build new relationships and maintain long-term relationships
  • Strategies for maintaining financial abundance, mental health, wellness and resilience

The online event you cannot afford to miss!


Lost in Transition Global Telesummit

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  • Have lived domestically or abroad in a culture or environment that is different from your own?

  • Do you sometimes feel Lost in Transition?

  • Do you work with or know people who live globally?

  • Are you raising global nomad children between and amongst cultures?


  • Feel lost and unrooted as you attempt to define the meaning of “Home”
  • Struggle with dealing with your family’s feelings of uncertainty before, during and following relocation to another country, culture or location
  • Want to discover and use your gifts and “hidden diversity” from living a globally mobile life
  • Are ready to understand and resolve identity, belonging and connection impacts due to transition
  • Desire living a meaningful, successful and fulfilled life abroad
  • Are ready to enthusiastically embrace all parts of the globally mobile experience – enthusiastically
  • Feel at home and like a stranger at the same time anywhere and everywhere you go
  • Yearn to overcome the challenges associated with relocation and transition
  • Are an entrepreneur who wants to create portable career opportunities as an accompanying spouse
  • Have a longing for belonging and a desire to feel more connection in your relationships
  • Are an educator or counselor working with Third Culture Kids and want to better support their needs
  • Want to thrive personally, emotionally and socially in your amazing global life

Lost in Transition Global Telesummit

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This live telesummit is perfect for you!

Over 28 days, you’ll discover how to deepen your understanding of the globally mobile lifestyle and the impacts of transition…


Lost in Transition Global Telesummit

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Featuring Lost in Transition Telesummit Experts

Angela Shaw
Expat in Toulouse/Social Entrepreneur

Ruth Van Reken
Author, ”Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds /TCK/CCK Expert

Rahul Gandotra
Award Winning Filmmaker/The Road Home

Myra Dumapias
President, TCKid, ATCK and Social Worker

Cynthia Lett
Author and International Business/Social Etiquette & Protocol Expert

Joseph Tomeo
Speaker & Inner Confidence Building Coach

Kilian Kröll
FIGT Board Member

Lorraine Edey, LCSW, Ph.D
Relationship & Wealth Coach, Owner at Second Time Around Love™ /Speaker / ACCK

Eva Lazlo-Herbert
Writer, Founder, Logos – the Power of Words/ATCK/Conference Presenter

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It’s time to make a real commitment to yourself to discover ways to create a TRANSFORMATIONAL global life. And you can start now in this no-cost telesummit in the comfort of your home, with your favorite cup of tea or coffee …

About Your Conversation Facilitators/Hosts:

Dr. Paulette Martinez Bethel, CMC

International Speaker, Breakthrough Coach & Transition Adjustment Expert 

As a career Air Force Supply & Logistics Officer – and expat in China – Dr. Paulette Bethel had first-hand experience living, working, and raising a “global nomad” family. She and her husband, an Air Force Officer with prior enlisted experience have moved too many times to count. “We’ve lived on several continents and have experienced a wide variety of cultures and diversity. “As frequent movers, we encountered many difficult situations which tested us! Each situation challenged us to become more resilient as we strove to land on our feet as individuals and as a family.”


Havilah Malone

TV Celebrity, Media Spokeswoman and columnist for BreakThru Media Magazine

Havilah Malone is a visionary and treasure hunter for proof of what’s possible in life. Born and raised in Kenner, Louisiana, she graduated from the University of New Orleans at the age of 19 with a major in Dramatic Arts and Communication, and a minor in Psychology. National Spokesperson on QVC, HSN, Shop at Home TV and more. Her charisma, dazzling smile and business savvy lead to millions of dollars in on-air sales and a raving fan base.